• Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
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  • EMI Scope Inspection
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  • Pull Test
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Proof Load Test in according with UNI EN ISO 10855-1,2,3:20018

Load test must be carried out periodically on presence of a third-party certification body that validates the process and the result. MC has an available area in Pescara with a series of sample weights to perform the load tests in complete safety and in short times.

NDT – Non Destructive Testing

  • VT – Visual Testing
  • MPI – Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • PT – Penetrant Testing
  • MIT – Magneto Inductive Test
  • EMI – Electromagnetic Inspection
  • UT – Ultrasonic Testing Measurement
  • ECT – Eddy Current Testing

Other Services

  • Data storage through personalized access with account in our website.
  • Updates and maintenance log through the website.
  • Long term rentals containers/basket.
  • Rental of calibrated ballast weights.
  • Rental of certified load cell.
  • Maintenance staff.
  • Periodic calibration of measuring instruments.
  • Pressure test.